The Way of Help


When it comes to treatment, there are a few different routes that you can take. Each rehabilitation or treatment center varies in their practices, but most treatment centers operate with the same basic principals and treatment option sin mind.

Inpatient Treatment

In patient treatment programs are the most comprehensive option available. This type of treatment allows people to really focus on their recovery. Inpatient is the best type of treatment for those who have struggled with getting and staying clean in the past. This is because of how immersive the experience is in inpatient treatment. If a person has a severe addiction with heavy use,inpatient treatment may be necessary in order to make it safely through the detoxification process. Making it through the detoxification process can be dangerous and sometimes life-threatening when attempted alone.

In addition to assistance with detoxing,people that attend inpatient treatment are surrounded by staff that is there to assist the recovery process. This extra support is very helpful for those that are trying to get clean. In addition to the extra support, these programs allow people to retreat from the unhealthy environments which perpetuated addiction sin the first place. Getting away from negative environments does a lot to help the person get and stay clean. Inpatient treatment also offers a variety oflife skills classes that can help prevent relapse.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is not as immersive as inpatient treatment, but it is still a great option for many people. Outpatient treatment allows people to get help without having to give up other obligations that may not allow them to go away for a few months. During outpatient treatment, the person can continue to live at home and will get counseling and attend group meetings at their convenience.The downside to the outpatient treatment is that the person has to fight harder to combat the urge to use, due to the fact that they are living at home, rather than at a treatment facility, and still have easy access to their drug of choice.

Group Therapy

Most treatment centers offer some form of group therapy. Group therapy is a valuable tool in the recovery process. It allows people that are in recovery to connect with other people who are going through the same thing that they are. Group therapy helps people to feel less alone and allows the person in recovery to build a strong support network for when times get tough. Having people to talk to that know what recovery is like can help when the urge to use strikes.

Individual Counseling

While group therapy is helpful for many, a lot of people find that they benefit from individual counseling as well. One on one counseling allows for the individual sown unique needs to be addressed. In individual counseling, a person can really dig into their addiction and work to resolve the trauma that leads to the problem in the first place. Individual counseling also allows the person in recovery to develop a personalized recovery plan.