Drugs and the Body


Using drugs often leads to horrible side effects, especially with prolonged use. Substance abuse can cause serious damage to the physical body as well as to the mental and emotional body. This is why it is important that those who have issues with drug abuse get the help that they need early on. The sooner a person stops using, the less likely they are to develop serious side effects.

The Effects of Heroin Use

Heroin is consumed in a few different ways. The way in which a person consumes heroin can make a difference when it comes to the side effects that are produced over time, but many of the effects are the same regardless of method of use.

Some side effects include:

•    Damaged veins and capillaries (with intravenous use)

•    Damage to the sinuses (with insufflation)

•    Infections and abbesses around injection sites

•    Damage to the heart

•    Infection of the internal organs (due to fillers used to cut heroin)

•    Risk of catching infectious diseases (sharing needles)

Some signs of use include:

•    Finding syringes

•    Finding random, out of place spoons

•    Finding small straws with residue inside of them

•    Finding pieces of foil with burn marks

The Effects of Cocaine Use

Cocaine is incredibly damaging to the cardiovascular system. Using cocaine does a lot of damage to our most important organ, the heart. Cocaine is insufflated (snorted) by the user.

Some side effects include:

•    Rapid heartbeat

•    Increased blood pressure

•    Damage to the heart valves

•    Deterioration of the sinus cavity

•    The brain becomes unable to regulate dopamine on its own

Some signs of use include:

•    Finding small baggies with white, powdery residue

•    Seeing white powder around a person’s nose

•    Noticing bursts of energy followed by lethargy

•    Noticing that a person has a chronic sniffing problem

The Effects of Meth Use

Meth is one of the most damaging drugs out there when it comes to bodily harm. Meth use is the easiest kind of drug use to detect due to the speed at which it begins to destroy a person’s body and appearance.

Some side effects include:

•    The teeth begin to fall out

•    The skin starts to deteriorate

•    Scabs and abscesses begin to form around the body

•    Drug-induced psychosis

•    Paranoia and delusions

Some signs of use include:

•    Noticing that a person has been awake for days at a time

•    The sudden onset of extreme paranoia

•    Finding a clear, bulbous shaped pipe with burn marks on the bottom

•    Noticing that a person is starting to develop scabs all over their body

•    Finding small bags that contain a substance that looks like shards of glass It is important to note that these are only some of the signs that may present themselves. If you find that you’re questioning whether or not somebody that you care about may be using, it is best to trust your intuition and give the situation a closer look. The side effects of addictions are always severe. The sooner a person can get into treatment the less likely the symptoms are to become life-threatening.