About Me

I’m a student of psychiatry, and I specialize in substance abuse disorder. I have spent the last three years volunteering my time at various recovery centers in Philadelphia, PA. I created this blog in order to expand the number of people that I’m able to reach with this vital information. Being expansive in the way that we share information about addiction is more important than ever. The drug crisis in the United States has shown no signs of slowing down. As the numbers of those who struggle with addiction continue to rise this information continues to become more important.

Some of the most valuable information about addiction comes from people who have been through the process themselves. My goal with this blog is to share real experiences from people who have experienced the perils of addiction first hand. This blog will feature the stores of real individuals who have gone through the process and wished to share their stories with others. Making these stories public gives first-hand insight into the world of addiction and what those who are addicted go through. If we are to make any progress when it comes to the way that we treat addiction in our country, it is crucial that we take solid, concrete steps towards reducing the stigma that is associated with addiction.  In the united states, addiction is more prevalent than many people realize. On average, one-hundred people die every day from drug-related overdoses in this country. The amount of people that die from drug-related overdoses has tripled in just these past two years. Philadelphia has been hit by this crisis especially hard. Kensington, a neighborhood in Philadelphia, is home to the largest open-air drug market in the United States. Philadelphia County has the highest overdose rate in the entire nation.